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Latter Rain~Former Rain


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I’m normally not one to begin to voice a vision or impression that the Lord gives me until I’m really sure that I’ve embraced what I believe He is trying to tell me. This is the case as I share with you a vision that began a few years ago. As 2007 has progressed I am sure that what I had seen is the heartbeat of the Lord.  Please e-mail me if you have any comments.  Blessings Eternal, Cynthia
About two years ago, my daughter, Katherine had graduated from High School and was the focal point of the vision that I believe that the Lord has for the generations who are living today. On Thursday nights we would often go to FIRE Church in Concord, NC. She would sit on one side of the room, and I, on the other. I always positioned myself where I could see her during worship as she has the heart of so many young people today. They are the ones crying out. They believe they are the generation who will go forth into the nations to those who need to hear the message of the Kingdom. They have seen the failures of their parents’ generation, the flower children. They are ready to forsake everything just to go and do. They are desperate for the rain; they want a downpour of His Spirit.

 It was here that I began to see something that I have read about for years throughout Scripture. 







Joel 2:23 says  Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your God: for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month. 

 The Lord impressed to me that the former and the latter is people embracing the glory and the one who is The King of Glory! Throughout the last few months, every time I would hear or read about the rains together in the first month, the impression that the Lord placed upon me would be stronger. It seemed each time I saw the vision it continued to deepen in my heart that I was seeing the generations worshipping and praying together and in the together we would experience an outpouring greater than the Acts 2 Pentecost. It is the generations in one accord, going forth in His Name to do the greater works that Jesus said that we would do. Yes, greater works with power!



 Fall, 2006,  I volunteered at an event hosted by Dare 2 Share, an evangelistic outreach for the youth. I knew that the Lord was showing me something of great significance. I watched the young people dancing while the Christian bands sang. The same fervor for the Lord was evident as thousands of youth gave total reverence as the Word of God was taught to them. This event moved my heart as I danced when the youth danced and prayed and reverenced the Lord when the youth did.  

Early this year, Lou Engle’s ministry introduced the vision of The Call to be held on 07-07-07 in Nashville. The launch meetings were held at Morning Star Ministries in Fort Mill, located about an hour away from where I live. I attended these meetings with a purpose.  My six children now range in age from 24 to 14 and if what I believe that the Lord has shown me is even slightly true, I would continue to get confirmation to be a better informed parent of youth that desire to know the heart of God and do the greater works. I did. I saw young and old attend the launch meetings with great expectation. The teachings brought encouragement, strengthened the weak and began to mobilize what I believe could really be the two generations experiencing an outpouring of the Spirit of the Living God as never before. The Call is to wake up the sleeping generation, repent for our flower child behavior and once again go forth with more power and love that we experienced during the Jesus movement that began in 1967. But this time our children will by our side, ones who are ready and willing to be the chosen generation. The youth that are serious about God is ready for God to take them seriously!


   I travel to Israel at least once a year to bring love and comfort to the people in Israel. This year is a little unusual as I have already made two journeys, each journey adding to the vision that I have of the two generations being the outpouring of the former and the latter rains in the same month.   Now, before I continue I must share a few thoughts surrounding rain—latter and former and some experiences that I had while in Israel.  First, a brief explanation on just what exactly are the latter and former rains that Scripture refers to. Simply put, the former rains happen in the fall season just as Tabernacles ends. The fall harvest includes crops that last through the non-growing season. Some are hard-skinned while others are preserved and go into storage vessels for use at a later date. Olives get pressed into oil or put into a brine to take the bitterness out and make them eatable. The figs are dried, pomegranates eaten and stored as juice, grapes make fine wines and dates make the honey. The other purpose of the former rains is to prepare the soil for the planting of the wheat and barley that will be harvested in the spring. Without the former rains the ground cannot receive the seed. The latter rain that comes in the spring is important to ripen the barley and wheat harvest—it brings the bread of life.  In the Holy land of Israel, rain only has two seasons—each in six month intervals. The rains fall from the end of Succoth or better known as the Feast of Tabernacles (September to October) to the beginning of Passover, (March to April). The dry season lasts from Passover to just about the last day of Succoth — it’s almost like clockwork and anything else is unusual.  It was the end of Passover as I took my group to the Dead Sea. It began as a wonderful journey. Around 4 pm it began to cloud up, not just with a few clouds, but many. Then the thunder began and the lightening began to flash. Then it began to pour . . . and pour. How could this be, this is Passover and the beginning of the dry season?  A few days later, I am back at the Dead Sea. You wouldn’t believe it. That Shabbat evening it began to cloud up. The thunder roared, the lightening flashed and it poured . . . and it poured. Whoa—twice in one week—unusual downpours but received as the blessing of God when it rains after Passover.  It was on my last day in Jerusalem that another portion of my vision was deepened.  I went to the Morning Prayer meeting at Succoth Hallel. Worship was lead by Roy Kendall and it was the day after the Virginia Tech massacre. As we overlooked the beauty of Mount Zion, we went into a time of prayer for the students, facility, parents and families of those who lost their lives. As we began to intercede for the next generation I saw the vision again, this time with a conviction knowing that the faithfulness of the Lord would continue to show me more of this outpouring.  My second journey to Israel was in May with the launch of the celebrations of the 40 year anniversary of regaining Jerusalem after the 1967 war and during the season of Pentecost. Knowing that the number 40 is symbolic of a generation, I was excited to see what the Lord was going to show me during this season with the former and the latter.  Let me share some interesting Hebrew perspectives about the number 40. Each time one finds the number forty in Torah, its inner meaning is the ascent from one level to the next higher one. But the attainment of a higher level can come only after first reaching and fulfilling all aspects (forty) of the previous level, and then making emptiness in the middle to allow for the emergence of something entirely new.    The number 40 has the symbolic significance, by Jewish tradition, to symbolize beginnings and new beginnings. Thus, creation was renewed after 40 days of flooding. The covenant given to Moses was at the end of 40 days; the rebellion of the children of Israel resulted in 40 years of wandering in the desert. Another interesting note is the gestation of a human body takes 40 weeks to be complete. We could go on about 40 as it is a very important number throughout Scripture but I’ll end with the thought of Rabbi Yehuda Loewe’s explanation of 40. He said the number 40 means cataclysmic change and new creation. Interesting note to ponder with the 40 year milestones of Israel and what is soon to transpire in Nashville on 07-07-07.  It will never be business as usual when the Lord pours out upon all flesh; His sons, His daughters, His servants and His handmaidens!  There were two marches (parades) as Jerusalem celebrated the 40 year reunification anniversary using the Hebrew calendar dates and not the Gregorian calendar that we use.   The first march was held on May 15. It was called the “Settlement Workers March.” It began with dozens of tractors from years gone by. The tractors and farm equipment were driven by the old-timers. These guys are the ones who have worked the land to be so productive that Israel now grows 90% of their food, and exports tons of flowers, fruits and vegetables each year. The march had young and old, music and fun.  The floats were beautifully constructed portraying the abundance of Israel using fruits, flowers and vegetables in their construction. It truly was a celebration.  The night of the Israel’s 40 year anniversary, I was at the Western Wall. It began to cloud up and sprinkle, but only a few minutes of sprinkles, enough for the ultra religious to put plastic bags over their hats or run under shelter so they wouldn’t get wet.  Now, it is the day of second march, this one is named “Dancing with Flags.” As I began to gather the items I needed for the march, all of a sudden it began to thunder, lightning and rain.

Rain? How could this be, this is the dry season? Well, dry it was no longer. It poured . . . and let me say it poured. I looked at the clock– it was time to go and assemble for the march, but I wasn’t able to leave until the rains subsided. After the rain stopped I departed breathing in the cleansing effects a downpour gives. I jumped over massive water puddles in the streets of Jerusalem and when I reached the park where the assembly of thousands of young people gathered, everyone was talking about the weather. It was reported that the Old City was shut down because of flooding that began to overflow from the Temple Mount. This was a phenomenon.   The march was wonderful as we marched into the Old City. The youth were dancing with thousands and thousands of Israeli flags. The entry points of the Jaffe Gate, the New Gate, the Damascus Gate and the Lion’s gate were entered with mostly young adults and teenagers, along with sprinkles of the older generation. It was a jubilant celebration and very incredible. It was as if the young people’s spirit knew that they are the Children of Zion—the ones that are the over comers to regain Jerusalem as The Holy City that God has called it to be.  I am so grateful that I was able to walk to the Western Wall with the young Israeli’s. I had to be one of the only American, non-Jewish women in the march.  When finally getting to the Western Wall, it was an unforgettable experience. I’ve been at the wall often during times of complete saturation during Succoth when the Priestly blessing is given, but now it was almost night fall and the young people were the dominate ones in the crowd. Flags waving by the thousands, songs of everlasting joy, and much life hummed throughout the plaza as the sun went down, the beginning of a new day.   I found some very interesting things as I studied Joel 2:23 over the last few weeks as we prepare to participate in Nashville.  When the Lord led me to this I nearly fainted, but I know that He is speaking. The only way I know is to show you the Hebrew words for rain in this Scripture.  Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your God: for he hath given you the former rain (H4175) moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, (H1653) the former rain, (H4175) and the latter rain (H4456) in the first month.    First, the Hebrew for the rain of the former and the latter.   H4175   
reh mo-reh'  From H3384; an archer; also teacher or teaching; also the early rain (see H3138): - (early) rain.  H3384 ya^ra^h  ya^ra^' yaw-raw', yaw-raw' A primitive root; properly to flow as water (that is, to rain); transitively to lay or throw (especially an arrow, that is, to shoot); figuratively to point out (as if by aiming the finger), to teach: -  (+) archer, cast, direct, inform, instruct, lay, shew, shoot, teach (-er, -ing), through.




 yo^reh yo-reh'  Active participle of H3384; sprinkling; hence a sprinkling (or autumnal showers): - first rain, former [rain].  H4456 malqo^sh mal-koshe' From H3953; the spring rain (compare H3954); figuratively eloquence: - latter rain.



leqesh  leh'-kesh From H3953; the after crop: - latter growth.  H3953

 la^qash law-kash'  A primitive root; to gather the after crop: - gather.


  Now, the Hebrew for “you the rain.”



 geshem gheh'-shem From H1652; a shower: - rain, shower.   H1652
ga^sham gaw-sham' A primitive root; to shower violently: - (cause to) rain.   I know that some of you are thinking okay, rain is rain . . . is rain . . . Well, as I was thinking about my vision of the generations worshiping and praying together, I was a little curious what Hebrew words followed H1653. It was in H1655 I found an interesting thought.



 geshem gheh'-shem (Chaldee); apparently the same as H1653; used in a peculiar sense, the body (probably for the (figurative) idea of a hard rain): - body.   This sparked my interest—the body. Hmmm, where was the word body (H1655) found in the Scripture? My research led me to the three friends of Daniel; Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego. You remember them—they were the lads who wouldn’t bow down to the golden image.  Here’s the story:   Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, answered and said to the king, O Nebuchadnezzar, we are not careful to answer thee in this matter. If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king. But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up. Then was Nebuchadnezzar full of fury, and the form of his visage was changed against Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego: therefore he spoke, and commanded that they should heat the furnace seven times more it was to be heated. And he commanded the most mighty men that were in his army to bind Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and to cast them into the burning fiery furnace. Then these men were bound in their coats, their hosen (garments), and their hats, and their other garments, and were cast into the midst of the burning fiery furnace. Therefore because the king's commandment was urgent, and the furnace exceeding hot, the flame of the fire slew those men that took up Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. And these three men, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, fell down bound into the midst of the burning fiery furnace. Then Nebuchadnezzar the king was astounded, and rose up in haste, and spoke, and said unto his counselors, Did not we cast three men bound into the midst of the fire? They answered and said unto the king, True, O king. He answered and said, Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God. Then Nebuchadnezzar came near to the mouth of the burning fiery furnace, and spake, and said, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, ye servants of the most high God, come forth, and come hither. Then Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, came forth of the midst of the fire. And the princes, governors, and captains, and the king's counselors, being gathered together, saw these men, upon whose bodies(H1655) the fire had no power, nor was any hair of their head singed, neither were their coats changed, nor the smell of fire had passed on them. Then Nebuchadnezzar spoke, and said, Blessed be the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who hath sent his angel, and delivered his servants that trusted in him, and have changed the king's word, and yielded their bodies(H1655), that they might not serve nor worship any god, except their own God. Therefore I make a decree, That every people, nation, and language, which speak any thing amiss against the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, shall be cut in pieces, and their houses shall be made a dunghill: because there is no other God that can deliver after this sort. Then the king promoted Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, in the province of Babylon.  Daniel 3:16-30

 So, as the friends of Daniel bowed down while they were bound and worshipped, the things that bound them came off.  After the bondages were taken off, they walked and danced during the remaining time in the fire to astonishment of the one who put them into the fire. They were like “rain” in the fire.

We also will worship and dance in the fire. We will emerge alive, not smelling of smoke and promoted, because there is no other God that can deliver.


 I am seeing as the former and the latter generations, begin to pour out together, we will experience the blessings that come with the rain during the dry season. There will be an abundant harvest.  Let your rain fall—the former rain of the older generation . . . Let your rain fall—the latter rain for the younger generation. Let your rain fall on the former and the latter together. Thank you Lord of Glory for the abundance of rain.

On (07/07/07) I attended The Call in Nashville with two of my daughters and a group from my church, To The Praise of His Glory. I served as an usher and I saw and felt the raindrops of both former and the latter coming together. I encourage those who are reading this to pray for the for the continuation of the vision of The Call over the next 14 months. Their vision is to have a series of meetings through America with the final one to be in August 2008 with 1,000,000 men, women and children to gather in Washington DC.















On Sunday, July 8 the launch of a youth revolution began outside the LP Stadium in Nashville. The Cause, which is an outreach of The Call, is having God’s Summer of Love! Two of my daughters, Katherine (20) and Hannah (16), and myself attended the “launch” of God’s Summer of Love. We stayed until dark, but it was hard to leave. We are so charged with the vision that we didn’t want to go. This is going to be a great thing over the next few months!    I was one of the flower children of the 60’s. Although I was only nine years old in ‘67, the influence of what began in San Francisco was large part of my youth and young adult life. My parents had a family restaurant where many of the teenage employees taught me the songs and the culture of the day  . . . and it wasn’t the Jesus Movement. My encounter with the Lord happened in my early twenties. I believe history is soon to be repeated with the “New Sound” with a fresh Jesus Movement that will usher the lost into the Kingdom of God. Our children are part of the new Jesus Movement. They believe they are the chosen generation. Both Hannah and Katherine fasted the whole 40 days that lead to The Call. It blesses me that they’ve got a missionaries heart to change their world. I believe in their generation. God is going to use their radical and pure hearts to build the Kingdom.













































































































































































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