How beautiful upon the mountains are they that bring good news.
Watchman On The Gate

 This picture is of my friend, Rheta from South Africa and myself in 2002. This was my second time being in front of the Eastern Gate in Jerusalem. Our other friend, Charlie, took this picture after we had communion with our King, ate sweets and prayed for the Gate to open. We must have been there well over an hour, guarded by angels. I left the stuffed lamb at the Gate.

Since that time I've had many other opportunities to pray not only in front of the Gate, but on top of it twice. The first time it was Rheta and myself. I have some incredible pictures. The second time on top was during Sukkot 2006. I've posted the story below. After my third time on top of the Eastern Gate with my friend, Esther Shoshanna,  I came home and jokingly told my husband, David, I want to be in Jerusalem when the King of Glory comes and takes up His throne. Of course, Lord willing, until then I continue to be a Watchman on the Wall both here and in Israel.   

"I was glad when they said to me, Let us go up to the house of the Lord. Our feet shall stand within in thy gates, O Jerusalem."

The following is a report of our "unscheduled prayer meeting" on top of the Eastern gate during Succot 2006. What follows was what I wrote my friend, Stan Goodenough in response to his well-written report of the 40 us "Watching."


Stan and Mishpocha,
Stan, your report of OUR Eastern Gate experience is flooding the mailboxes throughout the nations. I think that the Holy Spirit is more than tickled that people like you and me, as well as Pastor Barry Taylor and Rosemary Schindler be up at the "Gate" all at the same time - and to have such a glorious prayer meeting. No one would have believed us unless we had the witness of others appointed for such a task.
Since it was my 4th Eastern Gate experience and I am the  "Precious Oils" lady, I hope that it is okay for me to give you background on the oil that He allowed me to prepare and pour on the the Gate Beautiful. It is and was an honor  to prepare the way of Our King with the prophetic act of anointing the gate with oil. The oil is available to anyone who desires their own bottle.
The story of this particular anointing oil really begins in February 2006. Paul Wilbur's "Watchman" CD was continually playing in my car for months. The whole CD is so prophetic and ministers deep. The Holy Spirit flooded me one day with the song  "A Resting Place"  and began to give me instruction. He showed me that I was to blend  an oil that was to be set apart more any other anointing oil than Precious Oils has experienced before.  I've seen the handiwork of The Almighty through the years with the oils, but this oil was to be very special. Time is showing this to be true. Testimonies are numerous and glorious as HE IS THE ANOINTING OIL.
The Overflowing Cup Anointing Oil blend is simple and fragrant - myrtle and 2 types of spikenard - Symbolically they are beauty, hope, justice, complete adoration from the soul, devotion and worship. Sounds like a King and Bridal union wouldn't you say?
On March 15th I gave a brief teaching at my church about the Overflowing Cup , vision and Paul's song with a quiet time of worship and dance for my King. At this time I still only knew in part what was on the horizon with this oil.
Fast forward . . .
Within a number of events and opportunities, hundreds of vials of  "The Overflowing Cup" Anointing oil has gone forth since February.
It has been poured in Charleston, SC during a prayer service with a Women's Aglow group in front of the Slave Market, asking forgiveness.
It has redeemed properties and restored relationships.
It has increased sales and commissions and etc, and etc..
It went to Israel twice this year - Pentecost and Tabernacles.
In May and June, numerous vials of oil were placed in the hands of a ministry that meets the needs of friendship in Israel. Israeli's have been anointed with it bringing shalom to the battered and wounded throughout the land.
I placed it in Arad -   The Gateway to the Negev - the Sepherdim will be welcome in the cities of the South.
Glory to the Most High God!
It was poured in Bethel - the Land of Benjamin. Proclaimed - Awake out of your sleep, rise up early, set the pillar, anoint it (pour oil on it), vow and know that God is with you. Keep His Way and He will give you food and raiment so that you may go in your Father's House with Shalom.  He will be your God and you . . .  you living stone . . . shall be God's house. There is an OPEN HEAVEN and it was declared for you in Bet El on Monday, 9 October. The International Christian Zionist Center was anointed for its end-time task associated with it.  To God Be All the Glory!
10 October 2006
Temple Mount
Eastern Gate, Gate Beautiful, Mercy Gate, Golden Gate
Jerusalem, Israel
Yes, 10 -10
Are you ready?
Ten signifies the perfection of divine order; completeness of order, marking the entire round of anything. It implies that nothing is wanting; that the number and order are perfect; that the whole cycle is complete. (E.W. Bullinger)
Pastor Barry and myself were the first to ascend to the top of the Eastern Gate. Our prayer time and amazement of no guards was staggering. We poured our lives, hope and oil from one end of the gate to the other, just like it is prophesied that Our Messiah walk through. With much joy overflowing - it was awesome -  and an honor. The fragrance is like the garden in the spring.
Pastor Barry left me to be the only one on top as he went down to do the "pastor thing." No problem - I've been here before. Truly the most amazing presence of Elohim like no other. Pastor Barry began to tell others to climb up! And they did. I met and greeted like I was the hostess and caretaker of the watchtower. What a hoot to see the gaze and wonder of all who climbed! About five days prior while my group was at the Dead Sea the Lord told me to tell them that we were going "up to Jerusalem", and then we were going UP! Little did I realize how we would go up.
That evening at The Succot Celebration at Ramat Rachel the proclamation of Psalm 24 rang free and clear as Pastor Barry told the story and read the Psalm. Barry and Batya Segal's song "Go Through, Go Through the Gates - "Prepare the Way for the People"  was gloriously displayed with song and beautiful silk banners. Yes, it is time to build up the Highway for the Lord, and it is a People that will joyfully walk through.
What a highlight of my life.  The Heavens are open and the gates are open - to those who believe.
I am just  one of the vessels that has given a holy charge to prepare anointing  oils in these last days. My journey as an apothecary began in 1991 when I was instructed to anoint the nations and prepare the Bride. I am more than happy to provide oils to you. More info on my website, or e-mail me.
Thanks Stan for letting me share.
Precious Oils Up On the Hill
PO Box 2036
Cornelius,  NC  28031
(704) 500-6240






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